Realities of IT in business

The enterprise IT industry as a whole has proven to be a lucrative one since the advent of computer use in business. Since the introduction of the Web, internal business management and commerce itself has transformed from paper-driven manual processes to online automated processes. The transition has been neither efficient nor complete.

The promise of IT from the early 1990's is only just now being realized, but only in limited cases. The expectation of IT-based processes as integral to any organization's operations has led to the creation of a large software industry niche populated by large software companies, with complex applications that are as difficult to configure and deploy as they are expensive.

Industry shortfalls - Every organization has a core competency - and it is not IT management, yet too much - both time and money - is spent on just that. Every business needs IT, yet if you look at how business really manages IT, is it being done effectively and efficiently? These are the considerations which every business or enterprise must acknowledge with respect to value of investment:

  • Costs - IT costs money, sometimes a lot of it. IT is critical to the business, but are you getting the most out of it? Do you even know what you have? Do you know what you need? How do you determine a return on investment? Spending on unnecessary equipment, not taking advantage of existing assets, violating licenses can cause needless cost spiking.
  • Deployability - For a business to be succesful, it must be flexible and adaptable, yet remain consistent with quality output - regardless of the output. The IT that supports the business must have the same qualities, but must also be intuitive tothe user and must be able to interface with multiple datasets. IT that isn't being used effectively, or doesn't help the business do business, is useless.
  • Solutions - Businesses have become slaves to the confusing array of IT products and services within their organizations. Shouldn't it be the other way around? In IT there are solutions everywhere. The question is, does the solution really address - or,better yet, solve - the problems and challenges? Do these solutions understand and recognize your business rules, can these be deployed rapidly, and can these be reconciled with the business? IT solutions must be implemented effectively and efficiently, and predictability and transparency to mitigate these risks.