LEX - the Logicstudio Enterprise eXchange System. Designed as a set of individual products operating as a single system, feature-rich with thousands of built-in best practices, without sacrificing flexibility - LEX fulfills the promise of IT.

Logicstudio Enterprise exchange (LEX) offers a wide range of solutions within its toolset to allow a medium to large scale organization manage both their workflow, and their client's workflow, associated with the procurement and management of assets, and service requests. For all IT issues outside of network management, LEX is the most capable, configurable, and cost-effective solution for the federal and commercial enterprise markets.

CIO's and CTO's are tasked with reducing IT-related costs within their organization, and in often cases for others in an outsourcing capacity. LEX reduces the cost of doing business by streamlining all IT processes through extensive automation and integration. LEX's flexibility and configurability allows it to adapt to any set of logical business rules and integrate with any existing third-party systems to achieve significant performance efficiencies. LEX's elegant design, coupled with its highly competitive pricing, presents an easy argument to make to decision-makers. LEX lowers costs and in the case of its Service Catalog, markets best value for products, systems and services to drive an enterprise's business operations.

LEX's accessible architecture allows for a high degree of customization on setup, and a high degree of customization as a running platform, conforming to evolving requirements. LEX can be accessed from anywhere with its Web-based platform, and allow display and edit capability of data only according to explicitly defined business rules. LEX offers secure workflow processing. The technical support requirements of LEX are minimal, given its years of proven, solid performance, and its design, which allows for basic development and deployment of solutions.