Potential of IT Service Management

LEX is designed with the intent to improve and transform the business environment to achieve its core competency and provide a flexible steady-state for standards and processes. As an integrated service platform, LEX is packaged for IT organizations to be service-focused to meet business needs and take control of the busines. This is IT service management and it is designed to bring efficiency and cost savings to the business. As the costs are driven down, so is risk. IT is no longer a business advantage, it is the business. IT is no longer an option, but a necessity. IT is no longer innovation, but utility. IT is no longer risk, but a risk mitigator. Service delivered = value provided.

A business requires IT to meet growing service demand and reduce runaway procedural costs through continuous and well-audited flow of products and services, otherwise known as "IT Service Management":

  • Speed - Businesses expect IT solutions to be deployed expeditiously. Time is money, yet out-of-the-box solutions frequently market their speed to implement. These out-of-the-box solutions still have to be configured to meet business rules and standards, so this is only partially the correct answer since configurability will determine speeed to implement.
  • Mobility - Business is done, where the business needs to be done and IT must support this. Whether in the office or in the field, IT is the enabler and multiplier to the business. Network ubiquity is becoming the reality and businesses are just now seeing the potential of extending their capability through mobile IT solutions.
  • Scalability - IT must be easy to configure, deploy and use, but also expand capability to the business without expanding costs along the way. IT must streamline business processes, and allow the focus on the core mission, and be unobtrusive and flexible enough to implement any logically-consistent business rules.
  • Transparency - IT must expose, reform, and improve process-laden operations and demonstrate accuracy to accommodate the business' mission. IT exists to allow businesses to see within the enterprise, yet also survey its breadth, thus allowing the decision makers to mitigate risk while expanding and improving along the way. IT Service Management is an organizational capability as much as it is a guideline.
  • Security - Information transacted within the business enables decisions to be made quicker and more accurately; however, more frequent transactions identifies areas of security not typically planned. Services must be secure and resilient, and risk relies on availability of that information.