Logicstudio Corporation is a responsive, client-focused software development company based in Reston, VA that for the past 9 years has developed and implemented software designed to manage the IT Service needs of its clients. Located in the Hi-Tech Dulles Corridor just west of Washington DC, Logicstudio is quickly growing its client-base ranging from Federal, State & Local, Intelligence, to Commercial clients.

The software product suite - "Logicstudio Enterprise eXchange (LEX)" - is a highly configurable ITIL-based procurement and seat/asset management system that complies with IT Service Management best practices, accommodates process-laden operations which constantly change due to merger and acquisition, and derives best value for the customer.

LEX is designed both to integrate with existing legacy databases and to capture and create the relevant tools into a system to be the single interface to manage the life-cycle of products and services.