Asset Management and Asset Discovery

In the case of asset management, LEX manages the entire life-cycle of an asset: from procurement to disposal. LEX is designed to achieve near-100% accuracy. Budget planners can establish and maintain a more accurate financial view of corporate assets, while service technicians have on-demand accurate information on asset deployment and usage. Knowledge of what assets an organization has procured in the past, and is currently using, allows for a more efficient procurement process.

In the case of software asset management, for instance, knowing how many licenses have been procured in the past, versus how many software licenses are actually in use, allows for the opportunity to procure only new licenses that are actually needed, and to stay in compliance by not having more licenses deployed than have been purchased which avoids the possibility of non-compliance fines.

The LEX discovery agent draws upon extensible technology to field an extremely small footprint and bandwidth footprint. These are important factors when actively collecting asset and network data where uptime and service level agreements are metrics for success.