Logicstudio ® introduces the LEX cloud initiative: automated provisioning for the enterprise. LEX marries its ITIL-aligned best of breed Service Catalog and eProcurement system interfacing the end-user with its cloud datacenter module which will help redefine the outsourcing model for service integrators. See more information here.

Logicstudio® offers the Logicstudio Enterprise eXchange System (LEX) 5.1 - the IT Service & Business Process Management platform that manages enterprise procurement, cloud & IT auto-provisioning, products & services, seats & assets in a single, natively integrated system for your business.

Logicstudio embraces efficiency and cost-effectiveness to support the business enterprise, and focuses IT on where it belongs - enabling the business. Logicstudio translates the Information Technology Information Library (ITIL) - the latest guideline for IT best practices - into serviceable products for end-users: ranging from Service Catalog, Seat & Asset Management, Workflow, and Integrated Workflow.

Logicstudio empowers decision makers to improve not only the business enterprise and the IT with which it employs, but also more importantly to improve continually its actual business. We offer the Logicstudio Enterprise exchange (LEX), a fully integrated software suite, which manages the entire IT service catalog paradigm from procurement through seat/asset management all the way to refresh and disposal of assets and delivery of service.

LEX enables Federal and Commercial clients to take advantage of groundbreaking technology, flexible configuration, stronger security procedures, and effectively applies these criteria to the day-to-day business environment with the goal of improving the business.

The more visibility business leaders have into their respective enterprises, the better for the business. We build software and our company to provide this visibility and to achieve the promise of IT.